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I started biking to fight depression and it worked. I want to share my story, my expeditions and my biking travels with you all. If possible, I would like to get to meet with you and do a biking trip together. 

Born and raised in India, where the education trumps all sports and you become that rat in race to be either an engineer or doctor according to your parents dreams. But, fortunately the hard work helped me to secure a job in the IT industry and I have been 20 years and running in this field. 

A personal tragedy in 2009 made me take up sports to keep my mind busy it worked. In that course, I also bought a bicycle to explore the city and loved what I saw and did. Slowly but steadily biking turned from my favorite sport into a passion. In 2012, I got my first road bike, a cervelo R3. I bought it to do a ride to raise funds to research of Cancer for a local hospital in my city. My local bike shop (Cycle Neron), a family run business, was a supporter for this cause and inducted me into their team. I trained hard to do 250 km in two consecutive days, so that I do not put my team in jeopardy and succeeded.

Fast forward to the current day, biking remains my greatest passion and I experienced a few genres of biking viz, Road biking, Fat biking and Gravel biking of which gravel biking is the latest experiment.

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